Back and it’s 2011

Dear Readers,

So it is already 2011 and there was no posts after my blogging break in September 2010. This whole thing was an experiment where I made a goal to cook a new recipe every week in 2010, provided I was in my kitchen. I had to do a blogging break because I ended up moving and a couple of other things that happened in my life. So I didn’t really complete my goal.

I decided that I would complete it in 2011 because every day is an opportunity to change. Just because 2010 is over doesn’t mean I can’t start blogging here again and finish my goal.

So here is what I am planning on doing. I will use some simple math to determine how many new recipes I need to try to reach my goal.

There are currently 26 recipes on the site, if I am not mistaken. These were created in the 35 first weeks of 2010. That leaves 17 weeks with no cooking. We know that those 17 weeks were not exactly the same as the first 35 as I was moving etc. I will estimate that my blogging break activities would have taken 6 additional weeks of no cooking.

So all we have to do is look at the ration of recipes to weeks and assuming that ratio is the same in the 17 – 6 = 11 weeks in the rest of the year we get:

26/35 = 0.74

11 * 0.74 = 8

This means that in order to reach my goal of cooking one new recipe every week in 2010, provided I am in my kitchen, I will have to make 8 more recipes.

This I will be doing in 2011.


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